Thursday 21 July 2011

Ladywell, Ballinakill, Co. Laois

Rrrragghgghhh!!!! I mean, SSSsssssssss!!!
We don't know much about online newspaper article headlines, but we know what we like.


  1. Encased statues like this are rare. Do you know anything about the spikes (horn like structures) that sometimes appear at the base of Marian statues? Usually when she is stamping on the serpent. Must take a picture of one from St Vincent's D4.

  2. Yesterday's was encased as well! You do check us every day, don't you?!

    No, I don't think we've ever seen that. Where do the horns come from? The serpent or the globe? Intrigued....

  3. Not sure about the horns, will be in Elm Park tonight and will take a shot for you. As for the serpent, it represents evil. Roman statues of Venus made the same depiction.