Friday 12 August 2011

Broadstone Station, Dublin

Back to Dublin today for a shrine perched up above Phibsboro Road and Constitution Hill at the former Broadstone Station.

I didn't spot the little sign at the bottom left until after.  "Rosary recited... ..."?


  1. I would love to spend time getting to know the story of the erection of this particular statue. Employees of a state company collecting money for a BVM statue.

  2. There's another one in the railway works at Inchicore that you can see from the train out of Heuston.

    I would be very surprised if, in May 1953, anyone in CIE would have raised an eyebrow at people collecting money for this.

  3. Exactly, which is what makes it interesting. Is the railway works one accessible on foot to the public?

  4. I don't know, to be honest - only spotted it recently.